Interview with Carlos Almeida

The first edition of ICNF occurred two years ago. What driven Fibrenamics to host a second event?

The first edition of the ICNF was an attempt to continue the emerge topic of the natural fibers, that was growing upon the scientific world. It was a success, and after the feedback we received from more than 200 participants of the first edition we clearly decided that we needed to do a second one. For this edition, we decided that we need to go further to the exploitation and to the giving value to the natural fibers and that’s why we changed it from the topic of the first edition.

What’s the main objective of this 2015 edition of ICNF?

The idea of this conference and it’s main objective is to show that upon natural fibers we’ve seen greatly enlarged the rage of applications do to the intensive growth of the technical and scientific research undertaken by the various institutes around the world. Now, it’s very important to give this scientific world the uptake the necessity to enlarge applications of this natural fibers, and show to them the potentials of the market, and the potencial of this natural fibers to creat new value added products.

Why Azores?

Upon the first edition we received a lot of request to do this conference worldwide, in several countries like Brazil, Poland and United Kingdom. But we intended to continue doing this in Portugal to establish Portugal as a reference country on the natural fibers, and we could not find a better place to do this focus than Azores. Azores is a geo natural place with great importance for the creation to the product natural fibers, and can indeed, and all this natural potential that we can found on the variety of both mineral and flora of this amazing Island to create new natural fibers, to discover new natural fibers, to apply research on the ones that already exist and are known here in the Island. Upon that create new products, new research activities and establish new frontiers on the market applications for natural fibers. And also exploit Azores as a well known international area for the research of natural fibers.

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