“What is really lacking is to translate those science findings into products”

Orlando Rojas, from Aalto University (Finland) and NC State University (USA) was at ICNF as an invited speaker.

Do you consider that “From Nature to Market” is an emergent topic of dicussion?

Absolutely! Because there’s a lot of science being developed in many research centers and universities, but what is really lacking is to translate those researches, those science findings into products that can be use by someone. So, this is a very importante topic actually, develop materials, but also to put them to use, that is critical.

What’s your opinion about the conference, so far?

It’s very nice, very nice “blend” of different talks, from areas like nanocellulose to materials, valorization of waste materials, to fibers textiles, mechanical problems… there are many nice presentations, very well organized, different sections, according to the topics, so is very good. I’m very impressed with the quality of the presentations.

Are you enjoying Azores?

Absolutely! It’s a beautiful place, I really like it! I have to come back.

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