ICNF 2017, “a successful conference”

Fibrenamics organized the third edition of the ICNF – International Conference on Natural Fibers on 21, 22 and 23 June. This international event took place at the Hotel Meliá, in Braga, and it was a great success.

Advanced Materials for Greener World was the subject of this edition of the ICNF that counted on more than 250 participants from 40 different countries.

3 days of very natural fiber

On June 20th, participants and guests of the ICNF were received at the Rectorate of the University of Minho, in Largo do Paço, Braga, where they were able to enjoy a moment of networking, accompanied by ambient music.

The first day of the ICNF (June 21) was marked by the inaugural session of the conference, which was attended by the Rector of the University of Minho, António Cunha, the Mayor of Braga, Ricardo Rio, and the coordinator of Fibrenamics, Raul Fangueiro.

After this session, the conference was always organized in the same way: the first morning session was dedicated to a keynote session, where a guest speaker had thirty minutes to address issues of interest related to the subject of the event. After these moments, the participants were divided by three different rooms, in order to attend the parallel sessions.

At the end of each day all participants had the opportunity to enjoy a social program. On the 21st, this program consisted of a guided tour to Bom Jesus, one of the ex libris of the city of Braga. The gala dinner of the conference was held on the 22nd at Bom Jesus. At this dinner, everyone had the opportunity to enjoy a moment of relaxation where the music and the good mood were the queens of the night. Finally, on the afternoon of the 23rd, the social proposal consisted of a city tour through the city of Braga, accompanied by the festivities of S. João.

Natural Fibrenamics Green Award Project

In addition to the rooms where the parallel sessions took place, the Fibrenamics Green project was entitled to a room with its own name where the exhibitions of the prototypes were held for the Natural Fibrenamics Green Award Project.

During the three days, companies and researchers were able to expose and make known their projects that were later evaluated by an international jury made up of renowned specialists in the field of natural fibers.

The winner of the contest was the Smart-Bed project, promoted by the company LASA. In the words of those responsible for the project, this moment was of extreme importance insofar as “it was very important to realize that people perceive and recognize our work”.

An extremely positive balance

As mentioned earlier, ICNF 2017 was a great success. From speakers, exhibitors, to participants and organizers, the opinion was unanimous: the ICNF was a very good event.

One of the main points to highlight of this ICNF is related to the creation of a networking group of excellence in the field of natural fibers, which, according to Raul Fangueiro, will be a structure of extreme importance in creating synergies among researchers from all over the world in this area and that “will allow the transfer of knowledge from the scientific area to the market in the form of innovative products”.

Joana Curto, professor at the University of Beira Interior, told us that the conference was very interesting. “The research topics are very broad and deeply analyzed by the best researchers in the field. It is very important for the science and for the researchers to have the opportunity to exchange ideas, learn more, to discuss it personally. The conference was excellent” she said.

In her turn, Anett Kondor, of Surface Measurement Systems, participant and exhibitor, mentioned that, despite being her first participation, she loved the conference. “I really enjoyed the organization and all the sessions. I loved social programs”.

Claudia A. Echeverria of the University of New South Wales considered the ICNF “superb.” In addition to attending the various sessions of the conference, Claudia was one of the participants of the Natural Fibrenamics Green Award Project. “I wanted the conference to last longer. One more day and it would be phenomenal, “says the researcher.

Raul Fangueiro, Fibrenamics coordinator and chair of the event, was very pleased with the result of this third edition of the ICNF, “it was a successful conference, both from the scientific point of view and from the networking generated.”

For 2019, is expected the organization of the fourth edition of the ICNF. The place is not yet decided, however there are already several expressions of interest from several international partners to receive the ICNF2019 organization.

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