Book on non-conventional and sustainable construction has Fibrenamics stamp

Woodhead Publishing’s book “Sustainable and Nonconventional Construction Materials Using Inorganic Bonded Fiber Composites” has a chapter dedicated entirely to the work of three Fibrenamics specialists.

“Macro- and nanodimensional plant fiber reinforcements for cementitious composites” is the name of the thirteenth chapter of this book and is authored by Shama Parveen, from the nanomaterials area, Sohel Rana, from composite materials, and Raul Fangueiro, Fibrenamics coordinator and reputed expert in the advanced materials field.

The book gives a comprehensive review of the innovative research associated with building components based on inorganic bonded composites. Exploring both natural fibers as reinforcing elements and alternative inorganic binders based on agricultural and industrial wastes, this book also considers the performance and applications of fibrous composites as construction materials and components.

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