Fibrenamics, an European case-study

The European Commission selected Fibrenamics as an example in the promotion of a cooperative relationship between the university and the business environment.

All the activities and work that Fibrenamics has carried out regarding the transfer of knowledge and technology to the business environment have allowed the European Commission, in the framework of the study that it has carried out on the work of cooperation between the institutions of higher education and business, to select it as a model to be followed at the European level.

Fibrenamics develops every day fundamental research at the highest level in the fiber area, works directly with companies at a national and international level in the development of innovative products, and stimulates the organization of initiatives that promote the discussion on emerging issues and the networking between the scientific and the business environment. In addition, the society development and involvement is one of Fibrenamics main goals, which is daily concerned to make known in a simple and complete way the most innovative things that has been created and what repercussions that these developments can bring to society.

This study aimed to understand the state of cooperation between universities and companies in Europe, from the perspective of higher education institutions and the business sector, through the evaluation of the action of this cooperation in different countries, by defining the main factors and barriers for different stakeholders and investigating the type of measures / initiatives that exist at regional / national level to support the development of cooperation between universities and business.

University-Enterprise cooperation is seen as the driving force for knowledge-based societies and economies and is therefore particularly necessary in the European context, which is threatened by increased global competition, ongoing economic issues and high levels of unemployment.

Fibrenamics, created in 2011 at the University of Minho, is an excellent example of promoting and fostering economic growth, innovation and knowledge at the European level.

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