AuxDefense products under evaluation in Iraq

Detached in Iraq since November 5, a contingent of the Portuguese Army is the first to receive the new ballistic protection equipment developed by the consortium AuxDefense that Fibrenamics integrates.

Img - Produtos AuxDefense em avaliação no Iraque

The 31 military, including officers, sergeants and enlisteds, who are on the ground providing training to the Iraqi Federal Police battalion of Security Forces, have already had the opportunity to try on helmets and ballistic vests, knee pads and elbow pads and to send the first feedback on the new combat uniforms.

The results show an approval of over 80% by the Portuguese military who evaluate the new equipment as ‘good’ or ‘very good’. In addition to the increased mobility guaranteed by weight reduction, the equipment also features improved ballistic and puncture resistance and other types of damage as well as fire resistance.

The new equipment, after going into series production, will be widely distributed in the Army from 2020.