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Winning Projects – “Mineral & Plastic” Creativity Award

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Fibrenamics Green Platform – for the development of innovative products based on wastes selected the winners of the second Green Think Tank creativity contest. Ruben Costa won first place in the “Mineral” challenge with the “Junta” project and António Barros and Adriana Mano were the fair winners of the “Plastic” challenge with the “Zouri” project.

To the winner of each of the challenges was awarded a monetary prize of € 500.00, and at this time the development of the products is already under way.

Last Friday, 24th November, Ruben Costa, António Barros and Adriana Mano also had the opportunity to publicly present their projects in a session promoted by Fibrenamics Green with Emanuel Pimenta, an internationally renowned artist, which took place at the Arts and Creativity Platform in Guimarães.

The Fibrenamics Green team chose the best proposal for each of the challenges, according to criteria of merit, innovation, creativity, sustainability and technical feasibility and, for this, sought the two best solutions that applied the development of waste products with new utilities, shapes, touch, finishes and emotions. The jury of the competition was formed by Raul Fangueiro, Fibrenamics Green platform coordinator, Bernardo Providência, from the School of Architecture of the University of Minho, and Nuno Sá Leal, from APD – Portuguese Design Association.

The third Green Think Tank creativity contest is open until January 5, this time in a Fusion Edition, where participants are expected to submit their projects including two or more models (Fiber, Wood, Plastic and Mineral). Aimed to all members of the Green Think Tank (GTT) network, this competition intends, like the first one, o put ideas to the test in order to develop an innovative product based on waste. For more information consult:

Fibrenamics Green – Platform for the development of innovative products based on wastes is a part-financed project by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the NORTE 2020 Regional Operational Program for the North 2014-2020 with a total eligible cost of 552.856,83€, EU financial support of 469.928,31€ and self-financing of 82.928,52€.