A+A 2017

17th-20th October 2017

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A+A 2017

A+A 2017 is one of the largest forums in Europe for the area of work safety, health at work/corporate health, fire protection/disaster management and corporate fashion which takes place every two years in Düsseldorf. It includes a series of conferences and workshops on various subjects in these areas and, in addition, it has the main international fair of suppliers of the technology and products industry.

The A + A trade fair had 1 930 exhibitors from 63 different countries, and more than 67 thousand visitors from the commercial area. The proportion of international visitors from more than 100 countries also exceeded the participation in the previous event in 40%. This large turnout at this fair demonstrates the growing interest in high-performance and high-quality protection equipment.

With 9 pavilions, A+A had as its main themes: safety, protection and health at work. Areas of work within the scope of rescue operations, as well as business training, were also represented. The most prominent themes at the fair, in terms of volume of representatives, focused on high visibility clothing and protective equipment such as footwear and gloves. The issue of cooperative identity was also highlighted, several merchants presented solutions of personal protection equipment that was efficient and equally casual.

This event allowed the observation of innovation in the branches of CBRN protection, with increasingly more ergonomic clothing and increasing ease of being dismissed. It was also given high prominence to fire retardant clothing, more and more ergonomic, comfortable to touch and improved performance.

The IOT – Internet of Things trend has also been observed at the fair, from smart skin sensors, to vital parameter measurement, proper weight lifting exoskeletons, intelligent fleet and data management, and sensor-controlled fall protection.

This event allowed direct contact with several entities in the clothing value chain and individual protection equipment, from some fibers and materials to the final consumer of the product.

By going to Dusseldorf, Fibrenamics was able to get in touch with the most innovative things in the textile industry, strengthening the focus on the development of projects and, consequently, of fiber based products in this sector.