Fibre-based Projects


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Img - Sense Bed

Textiles Society Vital Marques Rodrigues and Fibrenamics present SENSE BED, intelligent textile for mattress coverings.

The result of two years of scientific research and technological development of Fibrenamics in partnership with the company Vital Marques Rodrigues is now ready to improve the health and comfort of those suffering from reduced mobility, chronic or terminal illnesses.

In total SENSE BED presents a range of four products, two of which are in the process of being patented in the health and wellbeing area:


Biomimetic covering that promotes comfort and prevention of pressure ulcers by improving the distribution of the person’s weight on the mattress.
This product has excellent structural properties, which makes it 20% more comfortable than the one currently on the market.


Conductive fibrous structure for the thermal control of the interior of the bed.
Its conductive fibers incorporated in polyester allow to dissipate energy in the form of heat allowing to regulate the temperature according to the preference of the user.


Pressure intensity monitoring system to assist caregivers to prevent the appearance of pressure ulcers in bedridden patients.
This product maps pressure zones to prevent the appearance of ulcers by prolonged exposure to local pressure risk.

These three products work separately or create a fourth product with all these integrated functionalities.

The SENSE BED product range was developed by Fibrenamics from fibrous materials and structures that act as sensors, providing comfort and help in identifying risks to the health of its users, as is the case of pressure ulcers.
In addition to being smart, these new textiles are also easily incorporated into mattresses or as covers for them.

The project SENSE BED – Smart textiles substrates for monitoring and providing thermal comfort for the bedridden is co-financed by Portugal 2020 program (code 11140 POCI-01-0247-FEDER-010422).