Portuguese Industry Day at NSPA

“Portuguese Industry Day at NSPA – NATO Support and Procurement Agency” was held last March 23, in Luxembourg. This is an event that aims to promote the domestic industry with the Agency through the “realization of a show of national companies interested in providing their equipment and services to the NSPA and the realization of individual business meetings between Portuguese entrepreneurs and the directors of the Agency’s programs and procurement, “as described in the idD platform. This Fibrenamics partner is one of the promoters, resulting from a joint initiative of the Ministry of National Defence with IDD – Platform of National Defense Industries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – AICEP Portugal Global, in coordination with the Permanent Delegation of Portugal to NATO.
NATO Support and Procurement Agency was founded in 2012 and brings together the expertise of three agencies of NATO, which merge in the NSPA. Its mission is to ensure the maintenance and supply of systems of NATO member states and also direct support and growing operations in areas as diverse as textiles, footwear, transport, construction and reconstruction of infrastructure, etc. Most services are contracted based outsourcing, and it is for the NSPA control costs and quality of services provided.

In this edition, 64 Portuguese companies attended, a record participation that was highlighted by the Minister of National Defence, José Alberto Azeredo Lopes. The Minister acknowledged that it is an important step by the Portuguese businessmen to participate in this initiative, stressing the importance of it in order to open doors to the possibility of becoming suppliers of NATO and Alliance countries and emphasizes that they “can count on the Ministry Defense to support them in this endeavor.”

In fact, in 2015, Portugal was the 10th largest supplier of NATO – among 28 countries of the Alliance – which, translated into numbers, represents a 33.8 million euros worth business. 2016 will again be a very positive year in this field, at least that’s what it envisions after the “huge success” that was the Portuguese Industry Day, according to the NSPA. The Procurement Director of the Agency even said this event allowed “to highlight the tremendous capabilities of the Portuguese industry,” who believes that the activity is beneficial both for the agency, both for Portuguese industries, which, from their point of view is an opportunity for national companies increase the activity with the NSPA, either as primary or as a subcontractor supplier because “the capacity [of Portugal] are real, relevant, and are present,” said Mr. Fesquet.

Fibrenamics partners attended
idD, Damel, VL Engineering (VLE) and Riopele attended this event, that the very platform of National Defence Industries was one of the promoters. In response to questions of Fibrenamics, the leaders of idD explained that the Portuguese Industry Day at NSPA “represented a unique opportunity to promote synergies between national companies and NSPA”, saying even if the “expectation is that this event may represent the short term, a significant increase in turnover between Portuguese companies and this important NATO agency. ” According to idD, the “Defense economy is a sector with huge potential for development,” which involves not only weapons, but also “uniforms, footwear, food, new technologies” and that “Portugal has companies that can offer the best It is done in the world in these areas. “

Patricia Ferreira, from Damel and André Godinho Luz, from VLE also identify areas parallel to weapons as a great opportunity. The head of Damel states that “there is a greater demand for technical protective clothing with smart functionality,” while the head of the VLE explains that “new technologies such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, 3D printing, etc. They are demanding very deep changes in military equipment, which require a faster and more efficient process of product development. ” From Riopele Jose Ferronha points another trend on the supply chain of companies in the NATO universe, which “requires a type of business structure that has been unusual in Portugal, which is the conglomerate structure. The trend is therefore for the suppliers of the Agency to clump together, as this constitutes a credibility factor, reliable and less uncertainty. “

The Portuguese Industry Day at NSPA allowed companies to make known their work and to increase the network of contacts in the area of ​​defense, something that representatives of Damel and VLE also highlighted in response to Fibrenamics about the importance of participation In the event. In the same vein, the representative of Riopele explains that the group based in Vila Nova de Famalicão want, with the participation in this event, “gain visibility through the exchange of experiences and knowledge, not only with the NSPA, as with Portuguese companies.” José Ferronha added that “stem contacts for the participation of Riopele other initiatives and projects, as a result of this presence in the NSPA.”

Portuguese Industry Day at NSPA
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