Workshop: Electrospinning Science and Applications (St Gallen, Switzerland)

Nanotechnology is a subject related to particles a thousand times smaller than a millimeter, and because of that, it is a complex subject. However everybody is connected to this “nano” world day by day: from our smartphones to our cosmetics. It is an area that has been getting more and more importance and it is one of the main investigation focuses where governments, universities and technologic centres have been making notable investments.

When we talk about nanotechnology it is fundamental to speak about the electrospinning technique. By using this technique we can produce nano fibres which have attractive properties as high specific surface area (area/mass unit), well defined porosity and different transport properties.

It was in this context that Fibrenamics was present last June 16 at the event “Electrospinning – Science and Applications”, held at the EMPA – Swiss Federal Laboratories for Science Materials and Technology – a Swiss independent institute that accomplishes tests in the areas of science and technology materials, located in St. Gallen.

This workshop brought together the choicest part of the investigation and the industrial world, where about 20 countries have been present speaking of universities, research centres and companies. The main properties of the nanofibers, as described above, as well as a variety of application areas were discussed there. Among the products already on the market, this event highlighted the coronary stents coated with nanofibers for acute perforations. This layer allows greater flexibility and reduced diameter comparing to the currently designs on the market.

With that participation, Fibrenamics marked once again its presence in an international event which proved that nanotechnology is already a subject of great importance in the materials field. As said by one of the participants in the event, “Think Big, do Nano”.

Electrospinning Science and Applications