Industry 4.0 – Digital Economy – 30JAN, IPLeiria

Industry 4.0 is the most prominent paradigm in the discussion of the current situation and the economic future of the country. Considered by many as the 4th industrial revolution, it will undoubtedly be a topic full of opportunities for all, and Fibrenamics could not fail to be present at the official launch of the 60 strategic measures, included in this initiative, by the Portuguese Government.

Fibrenamics International Platform intends to be at the forefront of innovation and, as such, was present at this session, which took place on January 30th at IPLeira, in order to know and discuss the opportunities of the industry 4.0 and, thus, transfer to its Partners so that, together, they can overcome the challenges of the 4th industrial revolution.

The presence of Fibrenamics in this event had the objective of technological scout on this theme, the recognition of the main players and the networking in order to create innovation opportunities.

The event was divided into three parts: an opening by the Secretary of State for Industry, João Vasconcelos, where he announced the general lines of industry 4.0 and the urgency of the topic for companies and the Portuguese economy; Secondly, there were parallel sessions of clarification on the themes of “Qualification and Training”, “Financing Instruments”, “Infrastructures”, “Technological Challenges” and “Electronic Commerce”, where participants were able to discuss challenges and opportunities In these issues, as well as initiate the first contacts with the entities involved; The last moment was the presentation of the government’s measures for industry 4.0, by Deloitte, the signing of the protocol between the Ministry of Economy and COTEC Portugal, entity that will manage the initiative, an intervention of the Minister of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral and the closure by the Prime Minister, António Costa.

In addition to the thematic sessions, it was possible to appreciate the materialization of “Industry 4.0” on its different dimensions through the exhibition of projects and activities distributed in several rooms of the IPLeiria were companies and institutions showed the best In the field of technology, robotics, electronics and digital innovation.

Industry 4.0 is a unique opportunity for Portuguese companies and universities that will promote a digital transformation, with the development of cyber-physical technologies that allow disruptive changes in production and business models.

According to a study from UBS, Portugal is above average and as the 23rd most prepared economy to adopt Industry 4.0 from a set of 45 countries analysed, with emphasis on its infrastructures, general skills and capacity for innovation.

  • The measures presented by the government aim to achieve three central objectives:
  • Accelerate the adoption of technologies and concepts of Industry 4.0 in the Portuguese business fabric
  • Promote Portuguese technological companies at an international level
  • Making Portugal an attractive location for investment in the industry context 4.0
  • This program will be divided into 6 strategic axes:
  • Human resources training
  • Ecosystem of cooperation
  • Startup i4.0
  • Financing/investment support
  • Internationalization
  • Legal and regulatory adaptation
  • Among the measures presented by the government, we highlight the most interesting for the Fibrenamics partners:
  • Research in i4.0 – Support the development of research programs and partnerships within the industry 4.0, in particular by encouraging the creation of collaborative laboratories, involving scientific institutions and enterprises.
  • Creation of an Open Days program i4.0 – Creation of an open days program in factories in Portugal with i4.0 technology that aims to share and disseminate the modus operandi of technologically advanced factories operating in several relevant segments in Portugal.
  • Specific i4.0 funding opportunities – Launch of specific announcements for Industry 4.0, with a mobilization of up to € 2.26 billion of incentives through Portugal 2020.

The Fibrenamics Platform of the University of Minho, by its component of cooperative network, internationalization, research and development, product design and product engineering and technological marketing, is therefore indelibly aligned with this 4th Industrial Revolution, helping its partners on the creation of new tradable and international goods and services, the implementation of innovative dynamics and the involvement in a network of advanced technical and scientific knowledge, critical success factors for the global competitive market.

Indústria 4.0