Fibrous materials offer very interesting solutions for the construction industry in applications such as concrete reinforcement, soil stabilization, and thermal and acoustic insulation. Fibrous materials used in construction include glass, carbon, aramid, basalt and natural fibers. The advantages of these materials are:

  • Excellent relation between weight and strength, possessing higher mechanical properties than steel for a reduced weight;
  • Good relation between thermal resistance and thickness (good thermal insulation);
  • Good behavior as an acoustic insulator;
  • Resistance to chemical / biological; (corrosion, microorganisms, etc.);
  • Good interaction with the ground (geotextiles);
  • High possibility of structuring fibers (textiles, nonwovens and composites) allowing to design materials that adjust to the application requirements;
  • Ability to be intelligent (monitoring).

One of the major advantages of their use in buildings is the huge reduction in weight as compared to the conventional materials.