Fibrous materials are used in almost all kinds of sports, both in equipment and clothing for sports. These materials offer several advantageous properties such as reduced weight, better mechanical performance, durability, elasticity and others, tending to increase athlete’s performance.

The fibers used in most sports applications are: polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, acrylic, spandex, carbon, aramid and high performance fibers. These materials are used due to their good tactile properties, low moisture absorption, ability to transport perspiration outside of the body, design and color variety, thermal insulation and, therefore, comfort.

The main applications of these materials are in sportswear with functions such as moisture management, temperature control, water repellency, breathability and monitoring of vital signs. In addition, fibrous materials are used in sports equipments in the form of composites to provide strength, durability, weight reduction as well as ease of maintenance and transportation.