Multicomponent Fibers

The multicomponent fibers are fibers that combine at least two polymers having properties and/or different chemical compositions. The polymers are extruded together, and its relative position along the fiber length depends on factors like the geometry of orifícos the spinneret and the intrinsic properties of the polymer itself, including viscosity and molecular weight.

Can be obtained multicomponent fibers having the desired properties, by making a right combination of polymers, the conditions of manufacture and additives added. The multicomponent fiber production technologies can be used to produce fibers with a mixture of filaments, varying the color, the linear mass, the nature of the polymer, among others.

One of the most used multicomponent fibers comprises polyethylene and polypropylene (polymers with different melting points) and used in the production of nonwovens using polyethylene fiber as a binder it has lower melting point. The resulting material is lightweight, strong, soft and comfortable, dries quickly, and has high resistance to abrasion and dirt.

It is expected that in the future the possibility of combining the basic properties of the polymers, the multicomponent fibers are assumed as engineering materials in fields as diverse as medicine, architecture, agriculture, and even fashion.

Fibras Naturais

Natural Fibers

The natural fibers can be of animal, vegetable or mineral origin. In recent years there has been a renewed interest in natural fibers considering the issues related to the sustainability of the planet.

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Non-Natural Fibers

The non-natural fibers have been developed with the aim of improving various properties such as mechanical efficiency, thermal stability and electrical conductivity, to natural fibers.

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fibras inorgânicas

Inorganic Fibers

Inorganic fibers, also sometimes called high performance fibers or super-fibers, have characteristics and properties that differ from other man-made fibers.

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fibras funcionais

Functional Fibers

Functional fibers are fibers which perform a specific function, may be defined as being unique, in that each is able to respond to a given situation.

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Nanosciences and nanotechnology led to the nanofibers and is currently the main focus of research, development and innovation, where investments have been significant.

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fibras multicomponentes

Multicomponent Fibers

It is hoped that in the future, the possibility of combining the properties of the base polymer, the bicomponent fibers are assumed to be engineered materials in areas as diverse as medicine, architecture, agriculture and even fashion.

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