01-09-2012 a 01-12-2015

The CIPS_MULTIHIGH project (Project No. 2014/37658 NSRF) developed by CIPS-Carpintaria Irmãos Pinto da Silva, Lda (Portugal), was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) through the National Strategic Reference Framework (QREN).

This R&D project, sponsored by CIPS in collaboration with Fibrenamics Platform from University of Minho, aimed to carry out research and development activities to gain the knowledge needed to develop multilayer innovative doors, based on coatings and functional fibrous materials to assist fundamental requirements in specific spaces (public spaces, hospitals and clinics, animal houses), namely:

– Fire resistance;

– Thermal insulation and superior acoustic;

– Inhibit the proliferation of microorganisms

The innovative concept explored under this R&D project was the development of multi- and functional layers in multi-function doors, targeting the products for very specific situations in which each of the features, together or separately, constitute a prerequisite for their use.



Universidade do Minho
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