In order to fulfill its mission, Fibrenamics platform strategy is based on continuous improvement of its services to the community.

R&D activities will remain a priority, with a quantity and quality increase, both in terms of scientific publications and/or projects with industry partners. We intend to continue to apply fundamental research projects with companies in order to place the technology developed in the market, creating innovative fibre based products.

Alongside this, Fibrenamics wants to strengthen and consolidate its role as an international platform, and it’s compromised in promoting global activities and the acess to more contente relevant contente in english. The dissemination of scientific knowledge is the genesis of Fibrenamics project, therefore it will bet on the production of multimedia content and partnerships with the media, so that the society is informed about the progress of science and technology in the fibers concerns.

Another line of action that Fibrenamics is priorizing is related to the work with schools. Increasing Fibremics schools network and promoting the knowledge about fibers and its potential as well as encourage young minds to fibre the future are the main goals.

The future is built every day with ideas and projects. Fibrenamics promotes, supports and enhances a lot of them, through initiatives related to entrepreneurship that the platform promotes and co-promotes.

Allied to all this, it is also important to promote awareness of fibrous materials and their many applications, and therefore Fibrenamics is redesigning the offer on advanced training actions – with great emphasis on e-learning – and we will continue to invest in conferences, workshops and specialized forums, always with the purpose of offering the community Fibrenamics what is expected of the platform: to Fibre the Future!

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