Advanced Course on Fiber-based Materials and Products

Jose Manuel Ramos

José Manuel Ramos

Textiles based personal protective equipment. Covering the whole value chain.

AITEX – Textile Industry Research Association (Spain)



He is PhD in Chemistry (University of Alicante). The topic of the thesis was the development of new carbon materials from petroleum residues for fusion devices. Afterwards, He was awarded with a MARIE CURIE FELLOW (IAAP) at MAST CARBON INTERNATIONAL LTD (, United Kingdom). In this company He was integrated in the R+D division, He was involved in several research projects at EU level, all of them focused in the application of nanotechnology in defense, including
In AITEX, he is currently the leader of three research projects funded by European Defence Agency ranging from ballistic protection to NBQ protection. All of these projects are focused on the development of textiles and derived materials for their used as Personal Protection Equipments.


Textiles have a wide range of application in personal protective equipment, from classical applications as fire protection to the less known applications for the general public like ballistic protection etc.
The speech aims to give an overview of the different textiles used in PPEs, the different technologies to integrate the textiles in the final solution of PPEs and the normative, standards and regulations that apply to this kind of products.